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Listen Imagine Compose Primary is a partnership between BCMG, Sound and Music, Birmingham City University (research partners), Birmingham Music Education Partnership, Bristol Beacon and individual schools in Birmingham and Bristol. The project aims to:

  • Work with teachers and composers to develop meaningful and relevant composing activity for children
  • Better understand children’s composing and how they progress as composers
  • Improve the quality and frequency of composing in primary schools.

Funded by a Paul Hamlyn Foundation More & Better grant, this project draws on knowledge and practice developed through a number of past BCMG projects. The project will involve workshops and action research in 5 Birmingham and 3 Bristol primary schools and reflective symposiums and professional development for teachers and composers. The findings will be shared through conferences, online resources, academic articles and further CPD.


The Composers

Listen Imagine Compose Primary also aims to build a team of primary composer educators in Birmingham and Bristol. To find out more about our composers, click on their names. Natalie Mason, Angela Slater, Kala Cheung, Richard Barnard, Will Frampton, Robert Crehan Chloe Knibbs and Michael Betteridge

The Schools

We're working with classes of year 4 and year 5 children and their teachers from 5 Birmingham schools and 3 Bristol schools.



The Research Team

Professor Martin Fautley of Birmingham City University is leading the research team comprising Emma Nenadic, Dr Anthony Anderson, Dr Victoria Kinsella, Dr Adam Whittakar and Gary Spruce. The key research questions are:

  • What can we learn about children in Years 4 and 5 as composers?
  • What is it to make progress as a composer in the primary classroom?
  • How do we structure or plan activities, lessons and schemes of work to support children’s learning and progress in
  • What pedagogies support children learning and progressing as composers?


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