Jungeun Park - Tombeau de Claude Debussy

Debussy’s later years were not entirely happy, and his death during the First World War was sad, and felt sad. By its very gentleness, his death in a rapidly noisy, cruel and fast-moving world was a deafening image for me. I wanted to express honestly the emotions I felt about his death.

Jungeun Park’s Tombeau de Claude Debussy received its world premiere on Sunday 25 March 2018 in Symphony Hall, for the Debussy Festival.

Tombeau de Debussy
BCMG’s Tombeau de Debussy for the 21st century honours Claude Debussy as a founding father of modernity. In 1920, Henri Prunieres, director of La Revue Musicale commissioned a collection of new pieces by the most famous composers of the day, a tribute to Claude Debussy’s profound impact on musical tradition.

Commissioned by Birmingham Contemporary Music Group, with financial assistance from Arts Council England and Mark Devin as Sole Commissioner through BCMG’s Sound Investment scheme.

Visit the composer’s website at jung-eun-park.github.io