Do we need a new compass?

17 March 2022, 7.30pm

CBSO Centre, Birmingham


Lunchtime NEXT Concert



Addressing the need for new directions in contemporary music, bringing our concert culture up to the tempo of global developments, and updating our international musical co-ordinates, seven young composers are answering the question, Do we need a new compass?

During a time when global connectivity is both revolutionised by technology, and held back by politics and pandemic, we are determined to move into a better future together. Do we need a new compass sees 3 concerts in 3 countries, by 3 ensembles; FontanaMIX Ensemble, Das Neue Ensemble, and of course Birmingham Contemporary Music Group. Featuring brand new commissions, these events will be touching and powerful for both the ensembles, and our audiences. Each ensemble has chosen two composers to write a new piece for one of the other ensembles – creating a beautiful and equal exchange between groups.

During our time in Birmingham, we will also see a performance of Pierrot Lunaire by our early career NEXT musicians.

Join us in a celebration of unity within the arts, and togetherness in the world. 45 artists and 15 composers from 5 countries, building tomorrow’s music together.



BCMG NEXT & Birmingham Contemporary Music Group


Gabriella Teychenné Conductor

Anna Dennis Soprano


BCMG NEXT        

Arnold Schoenberg (1874 -1951) Pierrot Lunaire (1912) 40’


Birmingham Contemporary Music Group

Valentin Vasilyevich Silvestrov (b.1937)  I. Postludium DSCH 2013
Daniele Ghisi (b.1984)  Black Rain  UK World Premiere*
Kaspar Querfurth (b.1990)  cold pastoral  UK World Premiere*


  *Commissioned by FontanaMIXensemble funded by the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation


10% Discount available on the door for individuals on pension credit or universal credit. 


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