Stephan Meier

Artistic DirectorRead more

Hannah Blake-Fathers

Productions Co-ordinatorRead more

Mark Phillips

Orchestra ManagerRead more

Nancy Evans

Director of Learning and ParticipationRead more

Naomi Wellings

Learning Co-ordinatorRead more

Jenny Wood

Learning Co-ordinatorRead more

Gina Baker

Learning TraineeRead more

Miranda Heggie

Project Manager: NEXTRead more

Lizzie Pearson-Hadley

Finance & Administration ManagerRead more

Joan Turner

Finance Manager (Maternity Cover)Read more

Paul Memmory

Finance and Administration Co-ordinatorRead more

Nicole Hermanns

Head of DevelopmentRead more

Amanda Hine

Development Manager (Maternity Cover)Read more

Alex Walker

Development Co-ordinatorRead more

Seb Huckle

Marketing ManagerRead more

Elisha Bautista

Marketing AssistantRead more

Helen Stallard

PR Consultant (Regional)Read more