Friday 19 February, 6pm

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Sign up to be a part of BCMG's performance of Roddy's Reel, which will be pre-recorded on Friday 19 February and released digitally for 24-hours only on Sunday 28 February.

Roddy's Reel by Sir Harrison Birtwistle calls for the audience to create thunder by clapping and conjure wild Scottish winds by 'shh'ing - whilst we can't organise this in person at the moment, we're calling for audience members of all ages from across the world to join our recording session with BCMG clarinettist Mark O'Brien.

To take part:

  1. Sign up below to receive a Zoom link
  2. We will send you a Zoom link to your email address you sign up with
  3. Open the Zoom link at 6pm to join in - the recording will last up to an hour
  4. You will be taught your part by BCMG Artistic Director Stephan Meier (don't worry, no experience necessary - you don't have to read music!)
  5. We will have a couple of practice run-throughs, then we'll hit record
  6. The recording will form part of our digital release Back to the Beginning which will be released on Sunday 28 February, tickets £10 available here: Back to the Beginning

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