Elisabeth Anna Maria Kaiser Composer

Johannes Winkler Composer

Wilde Lieder Marx.Music Sound Art Winner

Performances tetralemmatic roses for a birthday will be performed in Trier on Saturday 1 September.

To his birthday we give Karl Marx composed roses that are arranged in the pathway of a tetralemma, which originates from the Indian logic. It can serve as a scheme of action between idealism and materialism: the struggle of divalent opposites as the motor of any development, as in Hegel's dialectics, is included as a core, it then becomes located stepwise in its respective context. Unlike Hegel, this development is one that opens the still unknown (10 seconds silence) in which then can be 'jumped' as a last step:

1-Red Rose    |    2-White Rose    |    3-(1∧2)    |    4-(¬3)-Blackberry Rose:

Singer and composer Elisabeth Anna Maria Kaiser transforms her communion and interactions with her special artistic partners, real roses, her conviction that consciousness is a fundamental part of the universe and the synesthetic way of her perception into a direct holistic expression of voice and body. Also different parts of the plants become filters and instruments within the interactions. People who receive such a rose can hear and feel nearly unlimited the transformation of their plant.

5-(¬ ¬4)-Little White Duck (Raag!):

Within the instant composition Elisabeth’s voice became alive, transformed into a little white duck expressing through her consciousness, voice and body.

Programme note copyright Elisabeth Anna Maria Kaiser 2018 and may not be reproduced without permission