Orchestration: fl, cl/bcl, pi, perc, vl, vla, vcl
Duration: 12 minutes

Andrea Portera Composer

Wilde Lieder Marx.Music Prizewinner in the Ensemble Category

Performances Wild Rituals will be performed in Trier on Saturday 1 September, and in Birmingham on Tuesday 4 September.

Programme Note

Inspired by Karl Marx's Wild Songs (and his philosophy in general) Wild Rituals builds his structure on the lied "The Fiddler" (translated from German), text with a strong temperament that suggests many sound visions: images where I found a strong connection with the idea of inner evolution, as a ritual that frees humanity from dogmatic impediments.

The various episodes of the text alternate with more introspective moments, often realized by the flute (imagined as an ancestral and archetypal instrument) that creates a connection with our anthropology, feeding the flow of the ritual with a "pantheistic" energy.

Wild Rituals is an emotional perspective of the great philosopher, where the musical process is the symbol of a rediscovery of a human "spirituality", which in empathy and in connection with people creates social harmony, an effective framework for development and the emanicpation of societies and culture.

Programme note copyright Andrea Portera 2018 and may not be reproduced without permission