Thanks for joining us for the second in our series of short musical offerings from our NEXT musicians.

We’ll hear first from Gavin, playing Icelandic composer, pianist and artist Lilja María Ásmundsdóttir’s 2018 work, og brenna eins og fuglinn inn í eilífðina… (and burn like the bird into eternity…) for bass flute and electronics. It’s based on a dream the composer had, and its central themes are based around how certain words and sounds have the ability to transform one’s state of mind. 

We finish with NEXT clarinettist, Raymond Brien, playing Constellations, written by London-based composer Noah Max. Raymond premiered this work back in 2019, and we’re delighted to be able to bring you another performance of it in this video. Before we hear Raymond play though, we’re lucky enough to be able to include a short discussion between Raymond and Noah on this piece, and the ideas and inspiration behind it.

You can hear more from our NEXT musicians at 4pm on Sunday 10th May in the second of BCMG’s Souding out Varese digital concerts, where we present a series of musical responses to BCMG oboist and composer Melinda Maxwell’s improvisatory work.

Applications for year three of the NEXT programme are now open! Click here to find out more.

Lilja María Ásmundsdóttir And burn like the bird into eternity… (2018), 12.5’

Bass Flute Gavin Stewart

Interview with Raymond Brien (clarinet) and Noah Max (composer) 7’

Noah Max Constellations (2019) 9’

Clarinet Raymond Brien